Kubit Builds Product Analytics Platform on Snowflake

LAS VEGAS, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kubit, a product analytics company, today announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023, the launch of its Product Analytics Platform, Powered by Snowflake. The new platform will enable customers to take their product analytics to a new level, fully leveraging all the advantages of the Snowflake Data Cloud architecture and speed.

With Kubit, customers are able to utilize the data models they’ve built with the product data that’s already stored in the Snowflake Data Cloud. There’s no data movement or replication, which helps maintain a Single Source of Truth and the high security and governance standards inherent in the Data Cloud. Most importantly, Kubit places no restrictions on the volume and scale of product data that’s ingested and modeled–a key differentiator in a world where enterprises are often ingesting millions, billions, or even trillions of events each day.

Kubit allows you to say goodbye to traditional “blackbox” product analytics workflows, which are often plagued by incomplete events and inaccurate data, and can’t scale with user growth. By building its platform on Snowflake, Kubit enables its customers’ product and data teams to get easy, self-service access to a full customer 360 view–leading to richer exploratory analyses, better-informed insights, and more powerful data-driven decisions.

“Kubit has been instrumental in addressing our unique use cases with an impressive level of flexibility,” according to Firework’s Head of Product for Commerce, Jin Chen. “Kubit’s commitment to adapt their tool to our specific needs has been elevating our productivity and decision-making,” Chen said.

Founded in 2018 by CEO Alex Li, last year Kubit announced that it had raised an $18-million Series A round led by Insight Partners. Kubit is also a Select tier partner in the Snowflake Partner Network program.

Li built Kubit out of his own frustrations with existing product analytics platforms, when he was the CTO at Smule. He was determined to create a solution that offered more control and transparency to end users and that took advantage of the latest developments in cloud technology. Li says he’s particularly proud of how Kubit is helping build bridges between product and data teams, with an extensible platform that makes it easy to extend on initial product insights with SQL, Jupyter, or machine learning.

About Kubit

Kubit is a Product Analytics platform that runs directly on the Snowflake Data Cloud, leveraging your cloud investments and existing data models. For more information, visit www.kubit.ai.


Giving Customers Complete Data Freedom through Snowflake Data Exchange

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we have joined Snowflake Data Exchange. The partnership will allow all Kubit customers to use SQL to access their raw event data securely and in real-time through Snowflake’s virtual data warehouse. We can now give our customers complete data freedom.

Kubit’s Intelligent Product Analytics helps product people get clear, fast answers about user engagement and retention. We collect, process, and store event data in our multi-tenant data warehouse, which is beyond the reach of our customers due to security and scalability concerns. Such limitations force the customers of SaaS analytics vendors to build complicated data infrastructure. That infrastructure often has to store duplicate copies of the data set, which gives rise to multiple sources of truth. In other words, analytics answers are difficult to come by traditionally.

Why Snowflake?

Snowflake is a cloud data platform that uses a highly scalable virtual data warehouse that is fast, easy, and cost-effective. Snowflake employs ANSI SQL and separates storage from computation to achieve a flexible and efficient on-demand pricing model.

Snowflake Data Exchange allows vendors on the platform to share data publicly or privately. The process is seamless and secure. Kubit customers can access their own raw event data in real-time through SQL interfaces, and they only pay based on their usage. Batch jobs or data integration aren’t required. Any new data entering Kubit will become available immediately, giving customers the ultimate security control.

This integration means that Kubit is no longer running a parallel, third-party data pipeline outside of our customers’ organizations. Instead, we’re now a core part of their data infrastructure. It also means that our customers aren’t bound to Kubit’s services. Not only can developers troubleshoot data issues with real-time data, but data scientists can also now build recommendation systems and machine learning models using the same raw data that powers the analytics. It’s the ultimate Single Source of Truth.

A Bright Future

By joining the Snowflake Data Exchange, we’re adding value propositions to our services and solidifying an already successful partnership. This integration allows Kubit to provide Intelligent Product Analytics to more people who want complete data freedom and fast and easy insights about their products.

Kubit Partners with Segment to Boost Intelligent Product Analytics

Kubit’s Intelligent Product Analytics helps product people get clear, fast answers about user engagement and retention. To gain insights from data, we need accurate, reliable, and scalable event instrumentation and collection pipelines. Segment fulfills those needs masterfully.

We are proud to announce that we have joined the Segment Select partner program. Kubit is now a Destination on Segment. Our customers only need to flip a switch to make their events flow into Kubit’s data warehouse. By deepening our integration with Segment, we are simplifying analytics and diagnostics processes for our customers.

Why Segment?

At this point, there is no reason to introduce yet another client SDK to handle event instrumentation and collection. That would be like reinventing the wheel.

Segment is a mature, stable, and highly scalable data hub that already supports many sources, including mobile, web, and servers. Our customers will benefit from a unified event instrumentation and collection model and will gain significant flexibility and control by decoupling their implementation from any single analytics vendor.

We recommend Segment to customers who are just starting to implement event analytics because Segment will give them independence and freedom from complications if their analytics needs change in the future.

With Segment, our customers can access Identify, Page, Screen, and Track events effortlessly and reliably. These changes make integration easier and significantly reduce lead times, which is a win for all involved. You can find more details about this integration here.

A Bright Future

By joining the Segment Select program, we are adding value propositions to our services and solidifying an already successful partnership. This integration allows Kubit to provide Intelligent Product Analytics to more people who want fast and easy insights about their products.

A partnership between Kubit and Segment helps product people make better, data-driven decisions so they can deliver exceptional products to their customers.