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Deliver Business Value with Faster and Accurate Product Insights

Build self-service analyses directly from the warehouse and see the SQL under every report.

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“Kubit has reduced the workload of my team. It’s so nice to have a truly self-service tool, one where we can teach the Product Managers ‘how to fish,’ so they can then work on their own—whether that’s monitoring certain activities by themselves, or digging into specific user actions that might be really important to them.”
Picture of Isabella Poleo
Isabella Poleo

Senior Product Analyst

Deliver product insights and enable self-service for your stakeholders to answer their own questions


Gain the trust of the enterprise

Leverage your existing data model within your cloud data warehouse so everyone is working off the same data.

Expand analytics to more use cases

In addition to clickstream data, integrate operational and transactional data to deliver added insights and uncover new opportunities.

Boost confidence in your analysis

Access the underlying SQL behind all your reports so you always know where your data originates.

Build knowledge base with shareable, reusable, and governed components

Scale your analytical model through measures, filters, cohorts, and other governed components within Kubit.

Take a tour of Kubit

Get a peek into Kubit and explore product analytics features such as engagement, user paths, conversion, retention, and cohort analysis.

5 Differences Between Business Intelligence and Product Analytics

Are you trying to understand the difference between business intelligence (BI) and product analytics? Use this checklist to understand the key differences in these technologies, and how they can work together to provide you maximum insights.

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