Product Analytics
with your own
data model

Self-service insights, 
better and faster, 
for all your teams
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Our Dashboard provides a high-level view
of how your product is performing

Users have the ability to set filters
which impact all analysis charts on
the Dashboard

Unlike read-only dashboards in traditional BI tools, every user can manage our Dashboard in the browser

Visualize results from multiple analyses simultaneously, & create a schedule to distribute a Dashboard snapshot over email

Every chart's definition is easily understandable, with the ability to get a deeper analysis using
the Formula feature


Our Query chart allows you to analyze users or events with common aggregations,
to provide KPIs & core business metrics for understanding engagement

Count users or events across your data schema as time series

Compare aggregations of events or users in a single chart, with customizable dual axis controls

Perform complex measurements of multiple metrics by dividing or adding one to the other – this allows you to create ratios or averages on-the-fly

Utilize named cohorts and funnel results and filters to accelerate your time-to-insights


Segment your users into behavioral groups

Compare user behaviors like engagement, conversion, & retention among different cohorts

Perform dynamic cohort analysis with sampling, percentile, compounding, & imported user groups

Export cohorts to drive content or customer engagement campaigns with best-in-class products like Braze

Use cohorts as filters or breakdowns with analysis using our Query, Funnel, Path, & Retention features  


Better understand how users move through
specific conversion points in your product

Analyze the conversion rates between multiple steps with details on frequency and time-to-convert

Follow conversion trending over time to understand if product bets are making an impact

And/or functionality with complex filters, including conversion window and partitioning by elements like Session or Transaction IDs

Analyze custom conversion funnels on the fly – enabling true exploration, rather than analysis constrained
by predetermined sequences 


Path analysis offers clear insights into how your users move through your product,
& helps to identify potential design issues

User Pathing diagrams to compare journeys of multiple cohorts, adding or removing steps dynamically to drill into what matters

Analyze side-by-side paths to compare different segments of data breakdowns, cohorts, A/B tests, & other experiments

Forward and backward path analysis allows for flexible exploration

Merge, collapse, & expand metadata to highlight important context


Understand retention of different user cohorts over time,
& monitor this critical metric through your users’ lifecycle

Retention table or curve charts to show the retention rate at different time buckets for each cohort

Analyze both retention and usage interval with over time modes to understand changing behaviors

Identify top user acquisition or engagement campaigns by measuring their impact on retention

Support rolling and unbound time windows for flexible analysis

What makes Kubit different

Kubit gives you next-generation Product Analytics, without the limitations of other tools:

No more black boxes

You're no longer forced to send your Product data to a black box – instead, you get full, transparent access to it

Self-serve insights

Product teams can self-serve insights with advanced functionalities, including side-by-side path analysis and flexible conversion funnels

Goodbye data silos

Enrich your Product data with Marketing, Customer Success, Experiments, Operations, & any other data in your warehouse

Advanced features

Kubit also enables and/or functionality in complex filters, as well as unlimited computations, aggregations, and bucketing

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