Simple and Predictable Pricing

Democratize your data analytics with unlimited events and seats.

Pricing based on monthly tracked users (MTU)

Align your analytics investments with the goal to grow and retain your user base.
Add as many seats as you need and increase over time. No need to estimate seat volume. Self-service analytics open for everyone.
Scale predictably with your full dataset. No costly setbacks of using sample data or moving data to a third party silo.
You never have to sample data or limit your analyses. We don’t price based on events or queries due to our unique architecture advantage.
Connect to your cloud data warehouse with your own data model. No hidden costs for additional services. Complete integration in 10 days.
Optimize your data investment and utilize committed compute. Operate more efficiently by freeing up engineering resources.
“Within a month of onboarding Kubit we were able to analyze and improve our onboarding flows, increasing ROI by over 30%, which paid for the whole year of service many times over.”
Picture of Daniel Todd
Daniel Todd

CEO, Influence Mobile

Compare Kubit with other product analytics tools

Other Vendors
Additional events and data sourcesIncludedAdditional cost
Data modificationIncludedAdditional cost
Date backfillIncludedAdditional cost
Ongoing integration supportIncludedAdditional cost
Custom trainingIncludedAdditional cost
Continuous data validationIncludedAdditional cost
ETL batch jobsNot requiredRequired, with additional costs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MTU?

MTU refers to your monthly tracked users. MTUs are the count of unique end users tracked in your product within a calendar month.

No problem. With the MTU based pricing, you control access and can add as many users as you want at any time at no additional cost.

Yes, onboarding support and training are included with all platform purchases. If you need additional support, we offer custom-tailored professional services to fulfill all your analytics needs.

As long as the data is in your data warehouse, it’s all included in the pricing. You always have direct access to your data, all the time.

There are no hidden costs or fees. Rest easy without fear of unexpected invoices for additional seats, event overage, or integration services.