Value-based pricing

With our pricing model, we grow as you grow

Our pricing is based on your
Monthly Tracked Users (MTU)

Work with unlimited data

Measure by your customers, not by events

No event sampling needed, ever

Enjoy unlimited seats, always

Count on predictable bills

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Kubit’s value for your business

  • Scale with your full data set
  • Complete integration in 10 days
  • 30% lower cost than competitors
  • For enterprises, 40% lower TCO
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “Monthly Tracked User” or “MTU”?

MTU refers to each unique tracked end user of your product who is active within a calendar month.

My organization is dealing with trillions of rows of Product data. How does this volume affect how much I’ll pay for Kubit?

It doesn’t. We don’t charge by data volume. It’s as simple as that.

How many seats can I get?

As many as you want. We know how valuable the Kubit platform and insights can be for multiple stakeholders, and our UI is built to encourage collaboration. Invite as many of your people as you want to work in Kubit, because we don’t charge by seats.

How does Kubit's pricing compare to that of similar tools?

With legacy Product Analytics tools, it's easy for costs to skyrocket. Customers often end up facing unexpected invoices for additional seats, add-on features, and overages. With Kubit, you don't have to fear surprise bills. And since you're not paying by events, you never have to worry about limiting your analyses to sampled data.

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