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Reach Farther with Your Data

Leverage your existing data model and deploy self-service product analytics across your organization.

Empower your entire data team with a warehouse-native analytics solution—without having to move or copy your data.

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“You have to have broad trust in your data, and Kubit has restored that trust for us.”
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Jay Iyer

VP of Data, TelevisaUnivision

Kubit Data Architecture | Kubit Product Analytics
Kubit Data Architecture | Kubit Product Analytics

Seamlessly integrate Kubit into your evolving cloud data warehouse strategy


No additional transformation or data silo

Leverage your existing data model, no matter your warehouse-native architecture, using direct connect or data share.

Greater trust in data

Deliver reliable data that can be leveraged by all product, analytics, and marketing teams via Kubit’s self-service UI. Everyone is working off one single source of truth.

Best-in-class governance and security tethered to your warehouse

Because Kubit queries rather than ingests your data, you are in full control.

Works directly with any data model

Kubit natively supports any CDP, Activity Schema, multiple fact tables, one master or thousands of event tables, all without ETL.

A CTO’S Guide to Data Modeling for Product Analytics

What’s the perfect data model for product analytics? This e-book covers 10 top use cases for product analytics and best-practice principles for product analytics data modeling.

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