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“Once I’m out of experimentation and launch a feature on [our streaming service], I can count on Kubit to tell me if it’s performing. If it doesn’t perform, then my job as a PM is not done. And if it does perform, my job is also not done—because then I need to spike the football and say ‘awesome job’ to everyone. Kubit gives me all that data. And that data provides me with confidence as a PM.”
Picture of Sam White
Sam White

Senior Product Manager, TelevisaUnivision

Increase decision quality and velocity, powered by your cloud data warehouse


Gain confidence in your insights

Leverage your complete and trusted data set within your data warehouse.

Expand analytics to more use cases

In addition to clickstream data, integrate operational and transactional data to deliver added insights and uncover new opportunities.

Explore purpose-built reports for every use case

Analyze behavioral cohorts, user paths, retention, and conversion metrics within an intuitive and self-service user interface.

Build knowledge base with shareable, reusable, and governed components

Scale your analytical model through measures, filters, cohorts, and other governed components within Kubit.

Take a tour of Kubit

Get a peek into Kubit and explore product analytics features such as engagement, user paths, conversion, retention, and cohort analysis.

Meaningful Metrics for Product Analytics

Uncover the secrets of selecting impactful metrics, measuring them effectively, and evolving them with your business needs.

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