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Why Data Teams
Love Kubit

Your customized data model

Work with your own unique data model

Fast set-up

Implementation in less than 10 days

No ETLs, no SDKs, no black boxes

Product data stays in your warehouse

Unlimited volume

Built for unlimited events & scale

No data replication

Never copy or move your Product data

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Why Product Teams
Love Kubit

True self-service analytics

Product Managers pull & analyze their own data

Nuanced analysis

Advanced features, out-of-the-box

No need to sample

Never again sample or reduce data

Enrich Product data

Join Product data with warehouse data

Verifiable insights

All teams work off of the same data

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

We know that in the streaming space, the metrics that tend to matter the most are Total Viewing Minutes and Monthly Tracked Users (MTU). Those are the metrics that attract Wall Street eyeballs. It’s hugely important for Product teams to be able to get these insights from their Product data fast. We’ve seen that with Kubit, a Product person can go in and do all these key analytics with a much better time-to-market than with traditional Product Analytics platforms.

Jay Iyer

VP of Data Engineering

I’ve been amazed at how Kubit has made it easier for us to get data in at a broad level, and really slice-and-dice the data without getting others involved. Analyses that used to take us a few days now happen in just minutes. Within a month of onboarding Kubit, we were able to improve our onboarding flows Day 1 ROAs by over 30% – which paid for the whole year of service many times over.

Daniel Todd


Kubit has been instrumental in addressing our unique use cases with an impressive level of accommodation and flexibility. Their commitment to adapt their tool to our specific needs has been elevating our productivity and decision-making. Working with Kubit is like having a dedicated partner attuned to our success.

Jin Chen

Head of Product, Commerce

Our existing BI solution doesn’t scale, and we simply couldn’t hire data scientists fast enough. Kubit brought instant insights about our users to every Product Manager, Growth Marketer, and Analyst – within weeks. More importantly, we didn’t change a thing on our data model. Kubit’s architectural advantage is unparalleled, and the level of control and transparency they provide is revolutionary for the data industry.

Pai Lu

Chief Data Officer

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