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Marketing analytics

Kubit provides up-to-date insights into how your marketing campaigns are performing, & how they’re affected by changes to your product and content

Campaign reporting and retention impact of specific campaigns

Ingest campaign cost data to perform ROAS & CAC calculations

Analyze conversion based on First and Last touch attribution

Join with your custom attribution values for full flexibility

Growth analytics

Kubit enables you to enrich your Product data with Marketing, Revenue, & Operations data – giving you the comprehensive view your Growth team needs

Analyze your A/B test & experiment data from internal or 3rd-party tools to visualize conversion lift

Understand conversion rates for different customer segments, and target those you want to upgrade

Sync cohorts of users to third-party tools for re-engagement campaigns

Use our Path & Funnel features to identify viral loops and target product bets

Streaming analytics

Kubit makes it easy to track and dig deeper into key streaming metrics including total viewing time, number of unique viewers, & trial-to-paid conversion

Cohort users based on what they
watch, & predict if they will become
power users

Compare Trial and Subscription
paths to find ways you can optimize
a trial experience

Collect heartbeat data to get as
granular as possible with your
engagement metrics

Investigate content consumption
patterns & learn what content
drives the most valuable users to
your product

Evolution of Product Analytics

Early Product Analytics tools were built before data warehouses revolutionized the data stack. Kubit connects directly to your data warehouse & leverages modern data-sharing capabilities

Kubit vs. the last generation of Product Analytics tools

Update historical data
Bring your own data model
No data replication
No data movement
Pricing & Implementation
Lowest TCO
Set up time 10 Days 90 Days
Customer support, onboarding, dedicated CSM Add-on
Advanced Analytics
Data Export (Jupyter, SQL, CSV) Just CSV
Analysis Charts
Core analysis (Cohorts, Event Analysis, Paths, Funnels, Retention)
Slack integration
Enterprise Security
Data Ownership
SOC 2 Type 2
GDPR Compliant

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