Case Study

TelevisaUnivision accesses key customer insights to increase retention with Kubit

With 3,500 queries per month and 50+ users of Kubit, TelevisaUnivision trusts Kubit product analytics to provide the self-service insights that its product, data, and analytics teams need to optimize customer services.

When TelevisaUnivision, the world’s leading Spanish-language media company, launched its video streaming platform ViX in 2022, it rapidly became a major player in the market. To ensure adoption of the platform and customer retention, TelevisaUnivision adopted Kubit product analytics to optimize its user experience. 


Soon after launch, TelevisaUnivision recognized the need for a product analytics solution to understand how the customers they acquired were adopting the platform, and more importantly, if they would return. While BI was a necessary capability for them, the team recognized that in order to manage the volume of data streaming created, product analytics was the reporting engine best-suited to deliver self service insights. 

TelevisaUnivision needed a tool that would work with their central data warehouse, where all content, subscription, and in app messaging data was stored, as well as join dynamically with user behavior events data from their customer data platform.

Kubit is so quick, so user-friendly. I can just filter by platform and by the different releases and immediately get my questions answered. 

Isabella Poleo, Senior Product Analyst


Believing in the value of having access to industry experts, TelevisaUnivision leveraged Kubit to help guide best practices. The tool was implemented, and they began focusing on capturing the most relevant data across their product surfaces, such as the content that users are watching, the user behavior, and KPIs such as active users, total minutes watched, and streaming hours. 

Various teams across the organization, including the product, data, growth, and analytics groups, began using Kubit in use cases such as:

Creating a product analytics team, bringing together product analytics, content analytics, and subscriber retention analytics data into a single view 

Measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of new product releases easily 

Ensuring that the search function is working correctly and also continuously improving as new features are launched Monitoring any breaks in data pipelines and event instrumentation and locating issues to find resolutions Empowering product managers with a self-service tool, where they can work on their own to monitor specific activities or dig into specific user actions 


  • 3,500 queries per month through Kubit across a user base of 50+ end users 
  • Elevated degree of control in discovering product insights Measurable improvement from action taken as a result of product insights 
  • Ability to monitor performance, conversion, and 
  • consumption during major streaming events 
  • Ability to convert viewers into long-standing customers by promoting relevant content to them 
  • Reduced costs for hiring additional resources like engineers or analysts, as users can self-serve the data they need