Unlock the Full Potential of Product Analytics to Transform the Customer Experience

According to IDC research*, while nearly three-quarters of organizations are using product analytics applications, more than half indicate low business outcome improvements.

That’s why it’s essential to select the right product analytics tool to ensure rapid and tangible returns on investment. In this Analyst Brief, global analyst firm IDC provides recommendations for what to look for in a product analytics vendor to truly transform your customer experience.

IDC Report

The path to product analytics enlightenment

When deployed optimally, product analytics can be a guiding light for optimizing customer experience. It delves into the intricacies of user interactions with digital products, helping teams discern which features resonate most with customers, and much more.

So why are businesses struggling to realize positive outcomes from these tools? 

  • Less-than-optimal deployment of the solutions
  • Internal data silos
  • Lack of technical resources
  • Suboptimal vendors

In this Analyst Brief, IDC research directors Roger Beharry Lall and David Wallace outline how to succeed with product analytics, including its great potential to deliver positive outcomes, the business benefits, and important considerations when choosing a vendor that will ensure your success.  

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