New to the Tool Box: Better Understand User Journeys with Kubit Path

Alex Li

Alex Li

Founder / CEO

March 31, 2022

When a shopper has a flawed customer experience, they are far more likely to abandon their carts than explain where the user interface went wrong. In that disconnect is a trove of data that companies can learn from–but aren’t getting.

Usually, stakeholders like product management professionals tend to leverage flow charts to inform innovation throughout the business process. However, these diagrams use static data and are often divorced from the more comprehensive analysis tools we use every day. The result? Too many missed opportunities to learn more, act faster, and build smarter.

Any marketing department or prototype designer knows the value of visualizing personas and their user journey through touchpoints. They also know that there are a seemingly endless number of factors at play–all unique to each user. The majority of “customer funnels” provide a limited means of understanding how users flow through websites or “events,” like a subscription or an item return. We’ve gone a step further with Kubit Path, bringing you the superpower to understand customer behavior like never before. This newest tool from our team of data experts makes possible deep dives into all the routes in the customer journey–both at-a-glance and in hyper detail–to uncover the insights you couldn’t before. Data-driven brands that have been looking for a way to identify opportunities for improvement can look no further.

Flexible. Explorable. Dynamic.

In keeping with Kubit’s mission to bring user-friendly, self-service software to data analytics, Kubit Path is for all product people–no need to know code or decode complex reporting tools.

Users can:

  • Create customized, ad hoc user cohorts by selecting from a list of different start and finish parameters (like “opened message” or “signed up on June 12”) and conditional steps (“watched the video” or “made a purchase”)
  • Build a complete map and filter by events or regions
  • View data for different campaigns and compare user paths side by side
  • Uncover the most impactful KPIs for different funnels
  • Import Path data to Kubit Workspace for collaborative decision making

Whether you want to optimize purchase flow, improve retention, revamp the sales process or decode conversion rates, Kubit Path can show the way.