New Features Update: Funnel Updates, Formula Filters, and Overall Toggle

Stefan Enev

Stefan Enev

Solutions Architect

June 30, 2022

Kubit is excited to announce new features that will help our users get the most out of their Product Analytics. Click here to stay up to date on all of the new features Kubit has to offer!

Cohorts for Funnel or Retention Chart

Segmenting users has been made easier – you can now create cohorts from a Funnel or Retention Chart as shown below. You can then save each newly created cohort for your whole team to re-use elsewhere in Kubit as a filter or breakdown.

Conversion Percentage on the Y Axis

Funnel is now showing conversion percentage on the Y axis by default and there is a toggle in the context menu to switch it to count instead. The percentages are also shown on top of each bar:

When conversion is turned off the Y axis displays the count:

3rd Filter Support and Overall in Retention and Query

Kubit now supports a 3rd filter group in all formulas.

“Overall” (total) is now optional in Retention and Query (turned off by default). An “Overall” toggle only appears once a Breakdown field is specified. When turned “On” results are shown for both breakdown per group and the overall. When turned “Off” results are shown only for the breakdown groups.

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