Mastering Conversion Analysis: A Deep Dive into Kubit’s Funnel Reports

Here are 5 unique capabilities of Kubit’s funnel report tool that have made it an indispensable asset for data-driven professionals aiming to unlock conversion funnel insights from their user data.
Rachel Herrera
Customer Success Lead

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and product analytics, understanding the intricacies of user behavior is not just advantageous—it’s essential. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal for dissecting user journeys is the funnel report. Effective use of funnel reports can illuminate the path to increased conversions, reveal bottlenecks in your user experience, and guide strategic decisions that drive business growth.

Here are the 5 unique capabilities of Kubit’s funnel report tool that have made it an indispensable asset for data-driven professionals aiming to unlock actionable insights from their user data.

Understanding Funnel Reports in Kubit

At its core, a funnel report is a visual representation of how users progress through a predetermined series of steps or actions on your website or app. This progression could relate to anything from completing a purchase to signing up for a newsletter.

Kubit’s Funnel Report offers these 5 capabilities to get the most out of your data:

  1. Multi-step Funnel Creation: Craft funnels that reflect the complexity of real user journeys.
  2. Partitioning Options: Slice your data by day, session, or custom conversion windows for nuanced analysis.
  3. Deeper Conversion Insights: Break down funnel stages by various fields to uncover underlying patterns.
  4. Advanced Visualization: Choose between step-by-step breakdowns or time-based line charts for dynamic report viewing.
  5. Cohort Analysis: Right click and build users into cohorts for targeted behavioral analysis over time.

Use Cases for Funnel Reports

The applications of funnel reports in Kubit are diverse, mirroring the myriad pathways users can take towards conversion. Here are just a few scenarios where Kubit’s funnel reports can be most valuable:

  • Enhancing User Onboarding: Track new users’ progress through your onboarding sequence to identify and rectify any stumbling blocks.
  • Optimizing Product Engagement: Discover where users disengage or drop off when interacting with specific features or content.
  • Streamlining Conversion Paths: Measure the time it takes for users to move from one stage of your funnel to the next, and deploy strategies to accelerate this progression.
  • Analyzing Behavior Pre-Conversion: Understand the actions repeat users take before finally converting, providing insights into which features or content are most influential in driving conversions.

Through these use cases and beyond, Kubit’s funnel reports offer actionable insights that can powerfully impact business strategies and outcomes.

Real-World Success with Kubit Funnel Reports

Consider Influence Mobile, a customer that leveraged Kubit’s funnel reports to uncover a costly problem. By carefully analyzing their onboarding process and identifying friction points with Kubit’s tools, they significantly improved user retention. Furthermore, Kubit’s capabilities enabled them to detect patterns indicative of fraudulent activity, ensuring a secure and trustworthy platform for their users. Their success story underlines the potential of Kubit’s funnel reports to transform challenges into triumphs.

Getting Started with Funnel Reports in Kubit

Kubit simplifies the process of building and deploying funnel reports. To get started:

  1. Define Your Conversion Goals: Determine what user actions or sequences you want to analyze.
  2. Set Up Your Funnel Steps: Using Kubit, create a funnel that reflects these steps in your user’s journey.
  3. Analyze and Iterate: Once your data starts flowing, use Kubit’s insights to refine your strategy and improve user outcomes.

Understanding how to interpret the data from your funnel reports is crucial. Look not just at where users are dropping off, but also why. This often involves cross-referencing funnel data with user feedback, usability tests, or other analytics reports.


Kubit’s funnel reports are a potent tool for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of user behavior and drive meaningful improvements in their conversion rates. Whether you’re just starting on your analytics journey or are looking to refine your approach with cutting-edge tools, Kubit offers a robust platform designed to elevate your analytics capabilities.

“The more people are looking at this data, the better. Everyone should be monitoring our most important conversions,” states a seasoned user of Kubit, underscoring the collective benefit of widespread engagement with analytics within an organization.

Ready to transform your data into actionable insights? Sign up for Kubit or reach out for a demo today, and discover how funnel reports can redefine the way you view your users’ journeys from first touch to conversion.

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