New Features: Cohort by Funnel and Retention

Stefan Enev

Stefan Enev

Solutions Architect

August 9, 2021

In an effort to segment users by funnel and retention, we are happy to announce the release of  two new cohorting features:

  • Funnel Cohort
  • Retention Cohort
Funnel Cohort

Kubit now allows you to segment your users  with selected funnel steps. Use this feature to find out the number of users that converted or dropped off on or since a specific step in your funnel, then further understand their behavior in other formulas.

Retention Cohort

Similar to Funnel Cohort, Retention Cohort allows you and your team to segment  your users who returned, were retained, or not retained at a certain time. This feature adds another layer of understanding in regards to user behavior and how your customers interact with your product.

To learn more about both of these new features, contact us here for a free trial Kubit account.