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At a time when climate change is more than a buzzword, the responsibility of protecting the environment lies on each one of us – including corporations. At Kubit, we’ve long recognized the impact businesses can have on the planet and have consistently strived to minimize our ecological footprint. So what specific steps have we taken to make this commitment to sustainability a reality? In this article, I’ll tell you about some of the measures and initiatives that we’ve instituted to maximize our environmental responsibility.

Utilizing Environmentally-Friendly Cloud Infrastructure

The first step toward minimizing our environmental impact begins with our choice of infrastructure. Rather than maintaining energy-intensive on-premise data centers that often come with a hefty carbon footprint, we’ve opted for a cloud-based approach for all our computing activities.

By leveraging the scale of our cloud providers, we can take advantage of their investments in renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. These companies are global leaders in sourcing renewable energy for their data centers and have sustainability programs that align with our own values. It’s a win-win situation where we get the computing power we need without having a significant adverse effect on the environment.

Learn more about AWS sustainability initiatives here.

Learn more about Google Cloud sustainability initiatives here.

The Benefits of Being Fully Remote

Remote work has been a cornerstone of Kubit’s operational model, and while this comes with several benefits like work-life balance and broadened talent pools, it also has a direct positive impact on the environment. Fewer commutes mean fewer emissions and lesser consumption of fossil fuel and energy. By not having a centralized office space, we save on electricity, heating, and other utilities that would otherwise be expended to maintain a large workspace. In essence, our remote-first culture isn’t just good for our team, it’s good for the planet.

Environmental Improvement Cycle

Digital Transformation

At Kubit, our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to our daily operations, and a key aspect of this is our digital transformation. By going completely paperless, we’ve not only streamlined our internal processes but also significantly reduced our consumption of natural resources. Digital documentation, cloud-based file storage, and electronic signatures are just a few of the strategies we employ to eliminate the need for paper in our workflows. This shift not only aligns with our sustainability goals but also enhances our operational efficiency, allowing us to serve our customers more effectively while taking active steps to minimize our environmental impact.

Disposal and Recycling of Hardware

At some point, hardware reaches the end of its life cycle. But even in disposal, we are cautious about our impact on the environment. We follow high-security standards to wipe clean and decommission hardware, ensuring that no sensitive data is at risk.

Once the hardware is stripped of all its data, it then gets recycled. Through responsible e-waste management, we ensure that valuable materials are recovered and reused, and hazardous waste is properly treated, thereby minimizing environmental pollution and health risks.

Hardware Recycling

Support from Our Investor: Insight Partners

We are fortunate to have Insight Partners as an investor because they are not just concerned about financial growth, they are also committed to helping us be more responsible on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) fronts. Insight Partners has well-established programs to monitor and guide us in these areas. This collaborative effort ensures that we don’t lose sight of our environmental responsibilities even as we scale and grow.

Learn more about Insight Partners’ responsible investing approach here.

In Summary: Maintaining Our Promise to the Planet

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is woven into the fabric of our company culture and operations. From opting for cloud-based infrastructure and promoting a remote work environment to following best practices for hardware disposal and recycling, we are committed to doing our part in safeguarding the planet. With the continuous support of our investors, we are constantly seeking new ways to minimize our environmental impact.

The responsibility for safeguarding our environment is a collective one, shared by individuals, communities, and businesses. At Kubit, we’re committed to conducting our operations in a way that not only delivers value to our customers but also shows a deep respect for the Earth. Because after all, it’s our home. Let’s take good care of it.

Doino Gretchenliev
Director of Operations

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