Righting Data Wrongs: Kubit’s 3 Quick Tips For Data-Driven Businesses

The inherent challenges of being data-driven hide behind building a truly data-driven culture.
Alex Li
Founder / CEO
Intuitive Dashboard

We all make mistakes, but the worst is when we don’t even realize it. How can you fix what you didn’t know was broken? For businesses, this is a problem when it comes to data-driven cultures and decision-making.

Today, data analytics news site InsideBIGDATA ran an article of mine about how to improve data analytics-based practices. In this quick and immediately useful read, I pinpoint the three biggest mistakes companies don’t seem to know they’re making–from cultural mindsets to logistical errors.

From a workplace culture perspective, companies have typically assigned data queries and reporting to their data scientists. But smarter technology and savvier user interfaces are making it possible to open up data dives to employees across departments. Doing so, however, is easier said than done. With advanced software as a vital tool, leadership still needs to ensure strong communication practices, maintain the quality of data sources, and understand the value of contextual data.

Check out the article here to get some great tips on how to make sure your business’ data analytics practices are the best they can be, and feel free to send us any questions at info@kubit.ai!

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