Case Study


Influence mobile case study (1)

Influence Mobile connects gaming apps with millions of high-value customers through its rewards program. The company’s success is driven by rapid conversion of its ever-increasing user base of gamers.

With Kubit product analytics, Influence Mobile can identify and deliver the best customer onboarding experience to ensure continued growth. Access to data is crucial as its team continues to adopt a data-driven mindset, setting a north star of all members of their teams leveraging data.


The onboarding of new customers is a critical time period forInfluence Mobile, where the speed that it takes new users to complete registration and start playing makes the difference in the success orfailure of every release of its product.

Releasing two or more mobile launches per month, Influence Mobile attracts new users of its clients’ gaming features. When users successfully registerin the app and download theirfirst three games, they begin earning points toward rewards—and delivering the engagement metrics that gaming apps desire.

Because the first few days of a new launch determines its ROI, Influence Mobile must optimize the onboarding experience to ensure success.

I love that Kubit is so easy to play with. It’s very user-friendly to explore all the data and events available and take a variety of routes to tailor that data to whatever role or department you are in. 

Megan Brockavich, VP of Operations


Kubit provided Influence Mobile a way to closely monitor the onboarding funnel and track key metrics of each of its product releases. With the easy-to-use dashboards, Influence Mobile was able to start tracking every detail of each new launch from the moment it is released.

Using Funnel Reporting, Influence Mobile can see each step that new users take when onboarding. Success is measured by smooth, quick completion of two main user actions:registration and download of three apps. With Kubit analytics, they were able to identify a key point of friction in their onboarding process, where users had to complete two screens indicating their age and gender. Seeing in Kubit that the rate of fall-off at this point was too high, they made the decision to combine those two screens into one,resulting in higher conversion.

They were also able to identify fraudulent activity with Kubit’s dashboards. They could measure the average time that it typically took good players to reach theirfirst reward, and they noticed a segment of players reaching it much faster than usual. With this insight, they were able to detect fraud.

When Influence Mobile launched its app in new geographic regions, the teams used Kubit to establish baseline performance in each region and compare it with other regions.


Kubit is delivering value to Influence Mobile all across the organization, with users from Finance, Product, Marketing, and QA…and plans to expand that further. While Influence Mobile uses Tableau to track its top-line figures, it uses Kubit to explore deeperinto that data.

“The more people are looking at this data, the better. Everyone should be monitoring our most important metrics. They just need to know that it’s so easy to go and look at it in Kubit,” said Megan Brockavich, VP of Operations at Influence Mobile.

The insights from Kubit have supported Influence Mobile in making key decisions, such as:

  • Launching features sooner because they were performing so well
  • Not launching planned features because they were not performing as
  • Rolling back launches when issues with new builds were detected in a
    limited release