Warehouse-native Analytics for Optimizing Digital Products

Explore customer insights with integrity.

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Get more accurate, self-service insights with a lower cost of ownership.

Kubit enables enterprises to optimize their digital products while ensuring data security, compliance, and scalability. With the Kubit analytics platform, companies never have to move their data into silos to gain valuable customer insights.

Reduce risk

Ensure compliance requirements are met because the data never leaves your cloud data warehouse. Your single source of truth is realized.

Optimize for operations

Reduce demands on engineering resources by enabling business users with self-service insights, complete transparency of all data sources, and 6x faster deployment.  

Improve analytics

Expand and manage more complex use cases and gain confidence in the accuracy and completeness of insights because the full data set is actionable and immediately accessible.

Support tech strategy

Decrease TCO and realize better ROI with a simplified warehouse-native architecture approach which, by design, can scale as the business grows so that you can focus on more innovative projects.

Unlock the Full Potential of Product Analytics to Transform the Customer Experience

Most organizations that are using product analytics are not able to realize business outcome improvement from them. In this brief, global analyst firm IDC breaks down why that is and which steps should be taken to maximize insights and results.

TelevisaUnivision accesses key customer insights to increase retention with Kubit

With 3,500 queries per month and 50+ users of Kubit, TelevisaUnivision trusts Kubit product analytics to provide the self-service insights that its product, data, and analytics teams need to optimize customer services.

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