Why We Built Kubit

Reflections as the Warehouse-Native Product Analytics Category Takes Off

Alex Li

Alex Li

Founder / CEO

7 minutes

September 28, 2023

At Kubit, we’ve always been inspired by one vision: to help Product and Data teams get better insights from their Product data, faster.

It’s a mission that grew out of my hands-on experience – and frustrations – while working with Product Analytics in the past.

When I was CTO at Smule, I realized that traditional Product Analytics tools simply can’t deal with the massive volume and scale of Product data in today’s enterprises, with their data silos and over-complicated integrations.I

t was a market gap serious enough to inspire me to start Kubit, which became the first warehouse-native Product Analytics platform – launching a category that has now taken off in the market, with other startups following our lead, and legacy tools attempting to rebrand their offerings as “warehouse-native.”

Recently, we raised an $18M Series A round led by Insight Partners.

And we’re proud to say that numerous enterprise customers – including TelevisaUnivision, Wish, BET+, Firework, and Influence Mobile – have trusted us to power their Product Analytics.

These are not my successes, but rather the successes of the entire talented Kubit team.

Our engineers, project managers, salespersons, customer success managers, and marketers have worked tirelessly each step of the way.

This week, we’re excited to launch our next phase, with a new website and branding that better articulate our vision.

I’ve used this milestone, also, as a moment to reflect on our goals as we move forward in disrupting Product Analytics with the revolutionary warehouse-native model.

Goal One: Bringing Product Analytics into your Data Warehouse Stack

Each time we implement Kubit in an organization, we’re empowering their teams with control and transparency when it comes to their Product data – by bringing Product Analytics into their warehouse-centric modern data stack.

These companies no longer have to deal with the limitations of legacy solutions.

With Kubit, there are no more ETLs or SDKS.

No more data replication and no more black box silos.

And in a world of ever-growing and ever-evolving Product data, you no longer have to worry about working with sampled or reduced data.

Instead, you work with the unlimited volume and scale of Product data stored in your warehouse.

Warehouse-native technologies have brought about an enormous leap forward in terms of what we can learn from Product data, and we want to show you how to take full advantage of the wealth of insights waiting to be discovered to boost the growth of your digital products.

Goal Two: Inspire Seamless Collaboration between Data Teams & Product Teams

Right now, in most organizations, the interaction between Data and Product teams is far from seamless.

Often, they’re not consistently working off the same data.

Other times, attempts to explore insights deeper go nowhere – because the corporate and tech silos between teams are too much of an obstacle.

And, sadly, the reality is that this dysfunction leads to Product Analytics solutions not being used to their full potential; we’ve seen that it’s not rare that these tools lack ownership and become little more than shelf-ware.

Fortunately, the warehouse-native approach itself is a first step towards bridging some of these gaps.

On top of that, we’ve designed Kubit to promote self-service and easy collaboration between Data and Product, with everything from an easy-to-navigate UI to being able to export the SQL behind all queries directly to your Jupyter Notebook.

It’s only when Data and Product teams arrive at a genuinely highly-functioning collaboration that companies will get the full benefit of their Product data.

We’re determined to help our customers bring about this culture change in their organizations.

Indeed, we’ve seen it happen and continue to happen in numerous companies, with Product Managers quickly becoming fully self-sufficient in pulling and analyzing their own data, and Data teams freed up to focus on other priorities.

Goal Three: Be a Responsible, Customer-First Startup

Finally, in addition to offering the next generation of Product Analytics, we consider ourselves representative of a new generation of tech start-ups.

We care about serving our customers, not about having flashy marketing or the arrogance of an overvalued unicorn.

We’re proud to be a globally distributed remote-only team who come together for the same vision, and we eschew the hype to focus on ridiculous growth at all costs rather than on long-term, sustainable principles.

Our customers can rest assured that when we make promises, we will follow through on them – whether that comes to offering top-notch customer service or ensuring that their data remains protected and under their full control.

We invite you to join us on our journey, and we look forward to helping you optimize and grow your digital products.

Write to us at info@kubit.ai, sign up for a Live Demo, or take a Virtual Tour.

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