New Features Update: Query Improvement, Analysis Naming, and Group by Modes

Stefan Enev

Stefan Enev

Solutions Architect

May 18, 2022

Kubit is excited to announce new features that will help our users get the most out of their Product Analytics.

Query improvement

Our new query feature now allows for the ability to plot distribution and its breakdown over 1 criteria in the same result set. This is achieved by specifying a subject, bucket range, breakdown and the period needs to be set to “All” as in the example below:

Analysis Naming

Kubits new analysis naming feature will generate random analysis names to display in Formula History instead of the analysis number. The number is still preserved and is part of the URL path to the analysis. Aliased analysis is displayed in History in the following format: “Alias – analysis number”.

Group by modes in Retention

Kubit now allows for our users to group by modes in retention. This new feature is applicable for Starting or Global. Groupby is only applicable when there is a Breakdown specified. For example, if there was a Breakdown per Country, when Groupby = Starting, Kubit will group users only for the Starting Event(s) and ignore the Returning Event(s) Country code. When Groupby = Global, both Starting and Returning Event’s have to have the same Country code.

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