New Feature: Prediction

Stefan Enev

Stefan Enev

Solutions Architect

March 31, 2022

When users perform a stream of behaviors, how impactful would it be to predict what they will do next? How much easier would your life be if you could understand, within a reasonable margin of accuracy, what a cohort of users would most likely convert into?

If you know when and what will likely happen in the future with the help of advanced data calculations which correlate all together, then that is an unbeatable advantage.

Kubit is excited to announce our new Prediction feature which will help our customers leverage their customers data even more to get instant product insights. Now anyone in your org can see how users in a cohort will likely move into another cohort.

Prediction shows how some action events can “predict” the probability which users will move from a source cohort to a target cohort. This statistics-heavy correlation analysis feature masterfully identifies key user actions within your product.

You can dive in even deeper by seeing how the data behind the Prediction has been populated. Now you can correlate your quick answers across all Kubit’s querying tools in a business friendly language to make important decisions.

Now you take advantage of this Prediction tool for your team, contact us here for a free trial Kubit account.