Never Get Lost in Email Threads Again – Investigation Board

Alex Li

Alex Li

Founder / CEO

March 31, 2022

One of the most challenging aspects of analytics investigations is the back and forth among product teams. An analyst usually needs to run multiple queries that yield multiple charts to make sense of the numbers. Trying to share findings often involves long email threads, where charts and comments are easily lost, and data teams typically end up revisiting the same points again and again.

And even when information isn’t lost, analysts too often have to reproduce earlier investigations just so they can follow the thoughts of their team members. It’s a frustrating and inefficient process.

Never Get Lost in Email Threads Again

Kubit’s Investigation Board changes all of that. We automatically track every step of your investigation in a structured navigation view so you can get clear, fast answers from data. Our Investigation Board captures your whole thought process during any investigation, which means that you will never again get lost in email threads or have to repeat what others have already accomplished. Your product team will also see the decision path and have full contexts so they can have meaningful discussions or explore further on their own.

Combined with Kubit’s Collaborative Workspace, our Investigation Board provides the ultimate Single Source of Truth. It’s all part of our Intelligent Product Analytics, which helps product people to make better, data-driven decisions and to build exceptional products.