Kubit Launched Free Trial Access For Its Smart Data Analytics Platform

Alex Li

Alex Li

Founder / CEO

Storing company data for a year? Thousands.

Losing market share to competitors? Millions.

Smart data analysis that changes the game? Priceless.

Literally, priceless. We just launched our zero-cost free trial model so that anyone can trial what we have to offer. Kubit’s intuitive, user-friendly platform brings the power of smarter big data business analytics into the hands of product managers, marketing, business development pros and more–no computer science degree or data science specialization required.

All you need is a business email to sign up automatically. No complicated integrations, no commitment, no phone calls, no forms, no credit cards.

Kubit’s full-feature trial makes it easy to discover all the ways our smart analytics platform can boost business intelligence by helping users to:

  • Explore and answer data-driven questions and discover the KPIs that matter, without having to know Structured Query Language (SQL)–and track it all on our interactive dashboard feature
  • Import historical data to better understand customers and see the bigger picture with contextual benchmark analytics
  • Improve product market performance by uncovering new insights, thanks to Kubit’s AI-powered augmented analytics
  • Find root causes quickly and detect anomalies instantly, using machine learning to improve performance over time
  • Collaborate with team members to build a data-driven culture of innovation
  • Share findings through dynamic reporting tools and Slack integration to improve data quality management and keep data-driven work in one place

We partner with Segment to direct data flow into Kubit’s platform, so businesses already using Segment can get going in just minutes. Don’t use Segment? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Initiate your trial here, and don’t forget to check out our quick user guide to Kubit’s tools and features.