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Ryan Klaus

Ryan Klaus

Director of Sales

We understand that different organizations have different needs. We are a perfect addition to business intelligence (BI) tools, like Looker, because we provide your team with easy access to the insights they need. Listed below are some ways Kubit works to fill in the gaps left by Looker, allowing your team to have everything they need to get the most out of their analytics.


Looker can be an excellent tool for analysts with the proper technical skills, to build out all the data queries and visualizations that they could possibly need. But, how do your non-technical team members discover insights too?

This is where Kubit thrives. Our intuitive UI allows all your team members to get instant insights directly from the raw data, instead of waiting for an analyst to develop dashboards in Looker. This includes the ability to backfill data, which enables your team to dynamically find historical data on the fly. To learn more about our self service features, click here.

Campaign Measurement

Not only can Kubit be used as a powerful tool for measuring the performance of a campaign, but it can also be a life saver with its anomaly detection and troubleshooting abilities. Because Kubit talks directly with your raw data, your team can get a 360° view of every step of your conversion funnel and analyze the best performing marketing campaigns. In one case, Kubit helped a customer identify a channel name mismatch error which prevented a potential $500K mistake!

Cohort for Marketing

Kubit’s dynamic cohorting makes it easy and straightforward to define cohorts by choosing various filters and conditions. These cohorts can then be easily pushed into an audience for marketing campaigns. For example, an organization could use Kubit to create a dynamic cohort of users who watched a specific show for more than 60 minutes last week but hasn’t been active since Monday which can then be utilized by your marketing automation tool. Kubit looks to make this process even easier by seamlessly integrating with services like Braze, Iterable, and Leanplum to give marketing teams everything they need to build + measure high performing campaigns.

To learn more about Kubit’s offering, contact us here!

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