How Wish Uses Kubit for Better Product Analytics

A/B Testing
Better Workflow


Chuhan and her team primarily focus on A/B testing and consumer data, specifically on the new user side. As a data scientist, she needs to deal with large datasets and quickly analyze the information to make data-driven decisions. In the past, Chuhan has used several other product analytics and BI tools, but none were able to meet her team's needs. She found that the other tools were not always stable, and the connections were sometimes weak. Her team needed a fast a reliable tool that could not only help her find the insights she needed, but also allow her to share those insights with the rest of the company.


After Wish adopted Kubit as their primary Product Analytics tool, Chuhan began to see Kubit's value right away. She found Kubit to be fast, reliable, and easy to use. It was the perfect tool for her team, as it allowed them to share charts and insights with other data scientists, product managers, and leaders within the company. Kubit's user-friendly interface allowed non-technical users to create reports and dashboards, which helped to promote data-driven decision-making throughout the organization.

"Very reliable, it always just worked and no other tool has been able to do that for me."


Wish's data scientists now rely on Kubit as their go-to tool for reliable insights. They have found that with Kubit, their work has become more efficient and effective. Kubit's ease of use has also improved collaboration across teams, allowing data scientist and growth leaders to work together to acquire new users. Overall, Kubit has helped to streamline Wish's data analysis process, saving time and improving the quality of decision-making.

"Kubit is a 10 out of 10"


In a highly competitive e-commerce market, it is essential to make quality data-driven decisions. Wish's decision to use Kubit as its primary product analytics tool has proven to be a wise choice. It has improved the speed and reliability of data analysis and has enabled the team to share insights and collaborate more efficiently. By utilizing Kubit, Wish has been able to stay ahead of its competitors and provide a better user experience for its customers.

What other customers say

See why these industry leaders are choosing to own their product analytics with Kubit.

'Kubit's Architectural Advantage"

"The existing BI solution doesn’t scale and we simply couldn’t hire data scientists fast enough. Kubit brought instant insights about our users to every product manager, growth marketer and analysts within weeks. More importantly, we didn’t change a thing on our data model. Kubit’s architectural advantage is unparalleled and the level of control and transparency they provide is revolutionary for the data industry."

Pai Liu
Chief Data Officer | Wish
Wish logo

"Tremendous Growth"

"At Quizlet, we couldn't generate user behavior insights fast enough. I had tried various analytics tools and was turned off by their expensive event-driven pricing models and prolonged integration timelines. When I discovered Kubit  I knew it was exactly what our team needed. The Kubit team worked directly with our existing data and made the integration easy - we didn't even need to backfill data! Kubit has made it so much easier for our product managers and marketers to get insights without analytics support. Our team couldn't be happier!"

Phil Carter
Senior Director of Growth | Quizlet
Quizlet logo

"Best Analytics Investment"

"We were using Tableau and I was amazed at how Kubit has made it easier for me to slice and dice the data without getting others involved. Within a month with Kubit, we were able to improve our onboarding flow's Day 1 ROAS by over 30% which paid for the whole year of service many times over. I have been using BI and analytics for nearly twenty years and Kubit is one of the best investments I have ever made in this area!"

Daniel Todd
CEO | Influence Mobile
ETL Influence Mobile
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