How Influence Mobile leveraged Kubit to improve their Data Analytics and User Retention

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Influence Mobile has been using various third-party data analytics companies for over 20 years, but they faced some inefficiencies in terms of the amount of work required to get set up and the cost, which increases over time. One company they worked with before Kubit charged them a $30,000 overage fee in one month because of their growth, which led them to move away from them. They started using BI-tools but did not find them as efficient as they wanted. They wanted a solution that could provide them with self-service product analytics with consistent and value based pricing.


Influence Mobile started using Kubit and instantly found value in its ease of use, responsiveness, customer support, and pricing. Kubit was able to get Influence Mobile up and running within days, allowing Influence Mobile a simple and easy transition from their previous product analytics tool. As a true self-service product analytics platform, Kubit gave the entire Influence Mobile team the ability to get insight quickly, without the assistance of an analyst. This increase in efficiency also came with an increase in pricing efficiency from Kubit's MAU based pricing. This allowed Influence Mobile to scale without the fear of massive overage fees.

“There has not been a product that I have used this long that continues to add this much value”


Since working with Kubit, Influence Mobile has seen significant improvements in its user satisfaction and retention. Kubit has enabled them to analyze data much faster and more efficiently, allowing them to quickly identify and fix issues in minutes instead of days. By understanding user behavior more accurately, the company has been able to improve its user retention rates and develop more personalized offers for users. Additionally, Influence Mobile has noted their satisfaction with Kubit's continual product optimizations, allowing Influence mobile to see more and more value as they continue to work with Kubit.

“Their cost is pennies on the 1000s of dollars that you can generate an incremental value”


Overall, Influence Mobile's partnership with Kubit has been highly beneficial, leading to improvements in user retention, engagement, and revenue. The ability to quickly analyze user data and identify issues has been crucial in maintaining a high level of user satisfaction and loyalty. Influence Mobile looks forward to continuing their partnership with Kubit and leveraging their data analytics solution to further enhance their platform and user experiences.

What other customers say

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'Kubit's Architectural Advantage"

"The existing BI solution doesn’t scale and we simply couldn’t hire data scientists fast enough. Kubit brought instant insights about our users to every product manager, growth marketer and analysts within weeks. More importantly, we didn’t change a thing on our data model. Kubit’s architectural advantage is unparalleled and the level of control and transparency they provide is revolutionary for the data industry."

Pai Liu
Chief Data Officer | Wish
Wish logo

"Tremendous Growth"

"At Quizlet, we couldn't generate user behavior insights fast enough. I had tried various analytics tools and was turned off by their expensive event-driven pricing models and prolonged integration timelines. When I discovered Kubit  I knew it was exactly what our team needed. The Kubit team worked directly with our existing data and made the integration easy - we didn't even need to backfill data! Kubit has made it so much easier for our product managers and marketers to get insights without analytics support. Our team couldn't be happier!"

Phil Carter
Senior Director of Growth | Quizlet
Quizlet logo

"Best Analytics Investment"

"We were using Tableau and I was amazed at how Kubit has made it easier for me to slice and dice the data without getting others involved. Within a month with Kubit, we were able to improve our onboarding flow's Day 1 ROAS by over 30% which paid for the whole year of service many times over. I have been using BI and analytics for nearly twenty years and Kubit is one of the best investments I have ever made in this area!"

Daniel Todd
CEO | Influence Mobile
ETL Influence Mobile
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